Big Harp

BHfotoFrom the desk of Big Harp:

The truth is Big Harp doesn’t really exist. It’s kind of a catch-all that covers whatever Stef (Stefanie Drootin-Senseney, who plays bass and sings) and I (Chris Senseney, who plays guitar and some keys and sings) and now Daniel (Ocanto, who is the drummer) feel like doing at any particular time. None of our albums are really related to each other. We don’t typically perform back catalog material; in fact, most of our songs have only been performed BEFORE they were recorded. Which could change, if we feel like it.

So, we made a new record. It feels pretty great to be putting out an album basically right after it’s finished. A few of these new songs we recorded with John Congleton in 2014, but the rest we self-produced with our friend Pierre de Reeder engineering like a month ago (June /July 2015). The music is fuzzy and poppy and kind of thrashy and Stef and I sing together a ton. We kind of think it rules the most of all our albums, but we get that people who like the first two might not love it (they would be wrong though). Like I said, the records don’t really have anything to do with each other, except that the same people made them. Sort of the same people. Although how the same are we really? Wait, wait, sorry, I’m rambling, I do that. See ya.