Greetings and welcome to Majestic Litter dot com. We continue to participate in the Internet, but now only at the laundromat because we don’t have wifi at home anymore. Things are happening:
* Tapes are on sale because it’s summertime and we’re feeling frisky. One caveat though, see the store page.
Jake Bellows released his debut solo long-player New Ocean last year. Out now on cassette in the store. Help cassettes are back in print because enough of you asked. Now buy them, please. Jake is going to Mongolia next week. What?! True story.
Our Fox‘s Sea Glass is now available on cassette for the very first time. Each dubbed onto blue tapes here at ML HQ one by one in real time while we type on and cut photos to make the inserts. Grossly inefficient, probably ultimately pointless, a labor of love. The new lineup  played a show and mere weeks later the dive bar in the basement of the Ethiopian restaurant was demolished to make room for new condos. God bless progress.
Red Lobster Magnifying Glass may one day finish their masterpiece Knockin’ on Kevin’s Door. Pathos Bill is celebrating several months of marriage and we celebrated beerily poolside in West O. Shazamo is turning magic tricks in the desert, perfecting the nickel drop. Dr. Smooth is officially single again, ladies. (Don’t run.) The one and only Bob Dylan had some nice things to say about RLMG a couple months ago. Read them here.
Breakfast had an idea and nobody wrote it down, dang it.
* Remember the trillion-dollar coin? And baseball in Quebec? Somebody send me a new Expos hat; mine’s filthy.
* We might go to Seattle to see the Mariners and eat an overpriced hot dog one day next month. Go team!
* Portland is over. More proof.
* Is anybody reading this? Hi.
* We’re heading to California and putting a bunch of stuff in storage. Hopes are that tapes, records, and guitars don’t melt. If anybody needs a ride, get in touch.
* We have our very own beer, Majestic Bitter. Brewed by Kevin from Red Lobster Magnifying Glass. Send $175 to the Majestic Litter PayPal and I’ll give you Kevin’s phone number and you can drink all the beer you want at his place in Chicago until he or his lady tell you to go home. There’s also some beer at my dad’s house. Send me $800 and I’ll give you the alarm code and you can help yourself. Limited time offer.
* Carnitas. Always carnitas.