Greetings and welcome to Majestic Litter dot com. We continue to participate in the Internet, sometimes while sleeping sitting upright. Things are happening, and this time we mean it:
* We’re oh-so-excited that Anna McClellan‘s tape Fire Flames is hitting cassette decks across America. Go be a good citizen of Earth and buy it and you will feel an overwhelming sense of gladness and appreciation that your ears and brain can process music. Then go see her on tour in November. Dates to be posted shortly, lucky people of the east coast and midwest. Watch this video for the title track while you drink mulled wine and think about eating soup for dinner but just drink wine and pass out on the couch instead.
* Ben Brodin‘s tape is done and ready for you, world. He doesn’t wanna play shows so if you wanna hear the songs, this is it. Get it, get down with it, get into it, uh huh.
* Big Harp‘s tape is OUT NOW. It’s called Waveless and it’s mega-ultra-fun. 11 delightful blasts of thrash pop radness. Go get it at the store now. Go on, we’ll still be here when you get back. But hurry, we don’t like waiting.
* The Good Life has a new album, Everybody’s Coming Down, which is out now on all kinds of formats but luckily we negotiated to release it on the most premium format: cassette. So go get one at the store, dudes and dudettes! Those sweet weirdos will be on tour with Big Harp in November, lucky people of the west coast.
Jake Bellows released his debut solo long-player New Ocean a while back but not really that long ago on an epochal scale. It still pretty seriously rules and is still available in the store. Those sweet Help cassettes are back in print too because enough of you asked.
Our Fox‘s Sea Glass is available on cassette for the first time. Each is dubbed onto blue tapes here at ML HQ one-by-one in real-time while we type on and cut photos to make the inserts. Not exactly Henry Ford shit. We ran out of the first batch but the second batch is coming down the assembly line now, in a footrace just ahead of a glacier and just behind a turtle with molasses shoes.
Red Lobster Magnifying Glass is still hardly at work on Knockin’ on Kevin’s Door and Trashville Skyline. Wouldn’t you just know it?
Breakfast plays shows about every 7 years so maybe 2016 will bring a murmur?
* We’ve accepted that the trillion-dollar coin is not going to happen.
* Can you believe the Royals and the Cubs are both carving their ways through the playoffs? If they meet in the World Series we might have to sell everything we own (blood and teeth included) for a ticket to the game and a batting helmet full of GMO nachos.
* Carnitas. Always carnitas.