Greetings and welcome to Majestic Litter dot com. We continue to participate in the Internet because we heard a thing on TV that said technology is the future. Things are happening:
* Holy shit, we’re STILL having a sale in the store. Everything is $5! Tapes! Downloads! Tapes with downloads! Limited time only. It was supposed to be through November but then we didn’t update the website and now we’re just feeling magnanimous. We’re broke, you’re broke, let’s be friends. Some tape supplies are running low so get it while you can. Remember if you don’t support the art you like it will go away and get “real” jobs and everybody will feel kinda bad.
* Ben finished his tape, his dad finished the artwork, and this thing is on track. The tunes still rule and maybe make a note in your digital calendar to check back here in a few weeks for more information. No rush, of course.
Jake Bellows released his debut solo long-player New Ocean last year. It still pretty seriously rules and is still available in the store. Those sweet Help cassettes are back in print too because enough of you asked.
Our Fox‘s Sea Glass is available on cassette for the first time. Each is dubbed onto blue tapes here at ML HQ one-by-one in real-time while we type on and cut photos to make the inserts. Not exactly Henry Ford shit. We ran out of the first batch but the second batch is coming on down the assembly line now.
Red Lobster Magnifying Glass is still hardly at work on Knockin’ on Kevin’s Door and Trashville Skyline. Eric Clapton is officially worse than Carols Santana (not the Indians catcher) but that song “Beers at Kevin’s” that he did unplugged was all right. Pathos Bill is living it up at the Hotel California. Fred Lobster only wanted to drink beer and listen to Silver Jews today and is now living the dream while wearing cowboy pajamas and fingerless gloves. Shazamo is doing who knows what but Mouthful o’ Nickels is still undone. Dr. Smooth is still speed dating. Kevin got a new job, we have heard.
Breakfast was going to… what was I saying?
* We’ve accepted that the trillion-dollar coin is not going to happen.
* The Royals are going to have a long road back to the World Series. We’re predicting an 86-76 finish over here.
* Carnitas. Always carnitas.