Greetings and welcome to Majestic Litter dot com. We continue to participate in the Internet, sometimes while wishing we didn’t have to each so much peanut butter. Things are happening:
* Jake Bellows released his debut solo long-player New Ocean last year. We made the cassette and Saddle Creek made the CD & LP (don’t ever press vinyl at United in Nashville; sounds fine but wow slow and lotsa problems). Jake will be back around the US this spring with some so-and-so’s. Check your Internet Googler device for details. Help cassettes are out-of-print but we’re going to put them un-out-of-print because some of you want them. That’s cool. So, thanks.
* Our Fox released Sea Glass, its debut full-length. Years in the making, or rather weeks in the making and years in the hemming and hawing, it’s out now. And, holy cow, tapes are here. The new lineup is playing shows around the Pacific Northwest, or within a mile of the Willamette River in the Portland metropolis anyway.
* Red Lobster Magnifying Glass may one day finish their masterpiece Knockin’ on Kevin’s Door. Pathos Bill is no longer engaged, he’s married! Congratulations, Pathos Bill! For those of you wondering, Shazamo didn’t trade in his magic tricks for a job with the railroad. Good work, Shazamo! The one and only Bob Dylan had some nice things to say about RLMG a couple months ago. Read them here.
* Breakfast had an idea and may make good on it. Probably in like 2019. Be patient, it could be worth it.
* Remember the trillion-dollar coin? And when our government closed the Grand Canyon? Keep it real, Congress.
* Baseball season is underway and we are constantly peeing our pants. Can the Royals make the playoffs this year?
* Somebody send some fuzz pedals. We can always use more analog delay too.
* We have our very own beer, Majestic Bitter. Brewed by Kevin whom you may know as Kevin from Red Lobster Magnifying Glass. If you want to try it, send $200 to the Majestic Litter PayPal and I’ll give you Kevin’s phone number and you can drink all the beer you want at his place in Chicago until he or his lady tell you to go home. There’s also some beer at my dad’s house. Send me $1000 and I’ll give you the alarm code and you can help yourself.
* Carnitas. Always and forever.