Greetings and welcome to Majestic Litter dot com. We continue to participate in the Internet, and hot damn, isn’t it a hassle! Site got hacked so the store is down and now our is even uglier — and this time it’s unintentional. We’re moving across the country tomorrow so this is gonna have to do for now:
* Ahem, introducing Umm! Umm looks like Big Harp minus the folksy beginnings and human drummer and plus almost constant harmony singing and/but/also is not really like Big Harp though there’s still a penchant for earth-rumbling and/or paint-peeling fuzz conquests and a knack for catchy, fluid melodies… The digital album thing drops electronically the last Friday in July and the vinyl LP will follow in another month or so. Get yr pre-order on over at our Bandcamp site.
* Anna McClellan‘s tape Fire Flames melted cassette decks and broke hearts across America. Tapes are on re-order plus it’s up at all the digital music spots. Yo, and there’s this video for the title track. Keep an eye out, Anna has some new tunes on the way. Are we still liking things on Facebook? Maybe go and like her if you’re feeling kind to your future self.
* Big Harp‘s tape Waveless is still mega-ultra-fun and also in dwindling supply. Once tapes are gone, they’re gone! 11 delightful blasts of thrash pop radness, in case you forgot. Go get it at the store now. Also available at Sonic Boom’s Ballard location in Seattle (which carries a few ML titles).
* The Good Life went undormant and had a new album, Everybody’s Coming Down, which is out now on all kinds of formats but luckily we negotiated to release it on the most premium format: cassette. There are plenty of these things left because apparently you all live in 1975 or 1998 or 2017 and prefer LPs, CDs, and digital files. So go get one (or ten) at the store, dudes and dudettes!
Jake Bellows released his debut solo long-player New Ocean a while back but not really that long ago on an epochal scale. It still pretty seriously rules and is still available in the store. Those Help cassettes went back in print too because enough of you asked.
Our Fox‘s Sea Glass is available on cassette for the first time. Each is dubbed onto blue tapes here at ML HQ one-by-one in real-time while we type on and cut photos to make the inserts. Not exactly Henry Ford shit.
Red Lobster Magnifying Glass is still hardly at work on Knockin’ on Kevin’s Door and Trashville Skyline and dissing Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana at every opportunity. Wouldn’t you just know it?
Breakfast plays shows or considers its existence about every 9 years so maybe 2019 will bring a murmur? Just kidding.
* We’ve accepted that the trillion-dollar coin is not going to happen.
* The Cubs won. That was really something.
* Carnitas. Always carnitas.